Who are the owners of this website. Why dont you have a privacy policy statement or an email someone can contact for special issues

Please you need to convert your emails you send to users to HTML format, so it does not show all those many many tags,

For God’s sake, this is a coders site. I love it, but you guys can do better

Kudos to the developers of this site


@Samson - Sincerely, this is not funny!!! Even if you have your day job to cope with.

No links, nothing to tell what site is about, no rules, and even worse no email validation on registration.
Plus the interface sucks a lil.
And the database is not optimized with php errors that lead to crashes every other time.
C’mon get serious if you mean this thing.

The interface of this site has no pizzazz, at least not in any recognizable way, but its simple(I like simplicity). I guess that’s why doctorfox thinks the interface sucks a little. I think the coders of this site knew that they weren’t doing anything revolutionary . . . a site for Nigerian coders(a simple, useful and commendable idea, but there are far fewer programmers in Nigeria than in the US). They must be aware of stackoverflow, jGuru, slashdot, and all those other coders’ sites, so I think they think they’ll never make as much money in proportion to the amount of work they put in. Maybe I’m wrong. 

@Prometheus …you are right o jare…

once again am laughing!!! what else do u want to know about this site other than a place to share knowledge and information amongst interested parties. no more, no less…we dont even need any complex framework or design for this page to run