My decision to continue using c++ was almost hampered by its lack of GUI tool. But I was lucky to discover wxWidgets last year and using code::blockes IDE I soon started creating cool GUI apps in c++. I was jst wondering if there are those interested in c++ development using wxWidgets so that we can build a Nigerian community of wxWidget users. The good part is that wxWidgets is jst like MFC but it is open source. C++ development has jst gotten far more interesting


well am like you i’m eager to learn c++ back however i don’t think i like the idea of wxWidget, unless it solves issue cross platform i don’t like saying i recommend this because every coder has his tools. but i’d love to create GUI with Qt toolkit i know it cross platform and has lots of utilities, but for now am still on web Development till i gradually master them.


I use Qt as well but not as often as wxWidgets. And wxWidgets jst like Qt is also crossplatform and has a very active community.