Why haven't we?


To start with, I’m the No. 1
We have had pretty good developing experience ourselves as a designers, developers, programmers in Nigeria, we are good hackers, we know how to turn around algorithms, we tweaks codes and graphics and yet, till date, no greater start-up has come out from Africa to compete with the Silicon valley genius’, does this mean it will never happen? NO! it will and believe me, it could be from you and I, great things start from beginning they say, STOP thinking you can beat Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and the likes on what they do, NO! think of what to build that will be different from theirs, durst up that your simple and unique idea and start working on it, prepare the flowchart, hook the seudocodes start coding and let’s build something simple, with time it will grow better!

So, what are you starting? where have you been? mine? I’ve got hands on one and it’s http://geofeed.me thanks to the effort of my partners,

Let’s do it!


Facebook and Google did not start because the owners wanted to make money. It was a case of necessity being the mother of invention. Google just wanted to have ‘a library of websites’. Facebook was founded by a group of guys who wanted to fin d a way to keep in touch with their friends.

Remove the greed factor from our psyche and watch us grow!


provocative!!! we’ll be there soon, trust me, we are all working on smthing.