Why dont Nigerian Developers build Desktop Apps


I want to know why we dont build desktop apps in Nigeria. Everyone always building website website everywhere.

Can someone tell me y. Please i will be grateful to hear your replies thanks


Good point. You need to understand that everything is going web globally.
Though people ought to start looking into mobile more and for desktop, it should be web compatible.
We did an a desktop app for our client last year and it really got an accelerated download cause off its ability to get updates and also send updates to the net.

So my bro, Web and mobile are becoming the future though we need standard in this country with what people do when it comes to websites.


Ehen. See my brother the truth is that. If you travel to other countries abroad. They already have desktop apps that already does all the common things they need. Check it out. Adobe is not web, Corel is not web, it is even now that Ms Sky Drive has Cloud Office and Google Docs for cloud systems. Internet in Nigeria is still very expensive and not really readily available. I think we need to build desktop apps. I think programmers in Nigeria need a rethink. Everyone wants web, web, web, yet we have not solved the common desktop apps. Hmm…

More comments pls


@nimboya, 80-90% of so called developers in nigeria are web developers. This is due to the fact that people now see IT as a fast way out of joblessness, idleness or even poverty. I have no problem with web developers; I also develop web applications. Most web developers see web development as been in vogue and they just delve into it with total disregard for software development/programming principles. Most developers refuse to understand that desktop apps have some advantages over web apps, they also refuse to understand when to mix the two (webs and desktop app). @acefxlabs and I developed a solution for a university. We came up with a solution that people believed was too simple to be true. We could only achieve this because we developed a desktop app to handle some processor tasking operations, this took the heavy load off the server while a web app handled the rest. This solution currently works like a charm. This is the advantage a desktop app can give u.


This argument is always funny to me and am not surprise to see it here on CN.
In my own opinion, it’s better to be trendy and up to date in whatever you do. Believe it or not, desktop app is fizzling out. Don’t get me wrong; coz many app developers use desktop apps; but virtually most consumers have or use multiple systems; and they want to use ‘a purchased app’ on each/diff system everywhere they go. It’s either the desktop app has installation limitation(probably coz of illegal sharing or piracy) or it’s synchronisation illness.

There one thing I will love to clarify b4 I cont.; NOT EVERY so called WEB DEVELOPER are programmers. 95% are just copier and paster. So the outcome of their projects make things look shitty. So @scooby, I used the right phrase of “Web Masters” for them rather than web developers". I know them when I see them. winks

In the world of IT, there are lots of job roles and we need to understand each clearly. If a Software engineer is the same person as the software developer, the programmer and even the software tester, then something is wrong. As @scooby said, most people see it as a quick money making scheme to build web pages for an ignoramus, apparently using template, and claim to be a web developer. I emphatically tell my students that there is a big difference between a web designer, a web developer, a programmer and so on.

As for my grading(IMOO)
Designer --> Programmer -->Developer --> Software Engineer(a subset of developer, let’s say a well paid developer) --> Software Architect(another well paid developer, probably with fading coding skill. also knwn as/or a systems analyst)

Don’t get me wrong at the point of Programmer -->Developer, it usually varies at this point and that’s where people usually get it wrong.

Developers are expected to be @ expert level at one programming language(usually combined like PHP&MySQL or HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT or .NET/C++/ASP or JSP/JAVA/Servlet)
Programmers are expected to be an expert(if not fully at-least 50%) at several different languages.(Java, Python, PHP, C++, Ruby e.t.c)

An individual can have attributes in most of these i.e you can be referred to as a programmer or a developer.

So with this I do swap the positioning sometimes depending on how & where you are, i.e if you are working for a company or a freelancer.

Developer are programmers to a greater or lesser extent. Enterprise software is usually the domain of the developer, like building/developing the next Facebook or twitter; so they are usually focused and they have social life. Programmer are too clogged up with codes and they always dive into one language or the other; so no social life. LOLZZZ

In respect of my grading, the high it goes the lesser the coding skills, minus the Designer (obviously) cover-face.

So, not to deviate from the main topic… web and mobile app is taking over using the new empowered HTML i.e HTML5 and CSS3. Only God know what HTML6 and CSS4 will look like…lolzzz


@OLSylas. I thought software was about building solutions and solving people’s problems. I have come to learn that it is not about what is in vogue but about solving problems and making life better. The desktop apps started before web apps started. You cant be too clouded and forget the hardware u use to access the cloud. What am saying in excess is that. I want us developers to grow the technology in this country. We want to fly when we have not stood or even walked. China made $311billion dollars from software alone last year. i bet u it is from desktop apps built and from firm wares they make for the world. See let us join the world in this building procress.

Our foundation is weak becos everyone is running to the top. Like @Olyls said before sha explaining the differet kinds of people. What i realy wants is for us to solve common lroblems around us. Internet is still very expensive in Nigeria. There are hundreds of sftwares that run without internet powerful that can help business and people who cant afford internet services. Like @scooby and his fiends. U can then have it partly clouded. Pls what do u y:all think


@OLsylas the truth is that for that installation thing ehn. 90% of nigerians or africans run windows. Luckily windows 8 is coming on mobile. See in d next 10 years we will still be using ms office on desktop. Adobe suite. Corel Suite. Vlc player. Antivirus. How many of your files will you cloud be sincere with me. Google is even trying to see how they can make some things offline on chromebook. I hope am making a point here