Why a Nigeria web start MAY fail



Nice one


I think so too. Creating apps that solve ‘WANTS’ may be successful in the foreign world, but here in Nigeria the odds are a lot less. What countries like Nigeria need are solutions to NEEDS. However, I may be wrong. Often times I’ve found that being too sure of something makes me seem dull cos there may be other explanations that I would be overlooking.


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Yes oo bro its been a while sorry it took me time to write bck working on something


Thats a nice one. I’ve read it before but i just bookmarked it cos i know i’ll need it later.


I think you got it wrong to some extent, but I won’t disagree if you argue. For example, yahoo answers is online but there are others sites coming up as clones of this site, yet they survive because they are localised to some places or specialised in some fields. Also check http://list.9jamkt.com http://books.9jamkt.com and http://ask.9jamkt.com and see if they’re for wants or for needs