What is the best Ad Network?


What is the best advert network for an average person in Nigeria? Ad placers is too expensive, ClickAds has too many broken links (and an unorganized website).
P.S please be honest and sincere and don’t promote any company.


Are you looking for a Nigerian/African company or the foreign ad networks?

You have these:

Foreign you have google, msn, etc
Not very many that pay to Nigeria.


@iamtundeoki, you didn’t specify whether you are interested in an adnetwork as a publisher or an advertiser. If you are a publisher seeking a good adnetwork in Nigeria, I would recommend adplacers.com because of their flexible plan for content owners. They do both tenancy and random display, while you as a publisher fix your price for tenancy ads. You can check this link http://crunchbase.com/company/adplacers

Adplacers also integrates multichannel marketing - meaning you can push ads to Google, Twitter, Facebook, Nairaland etc via the platform. As per the cost of placing ads via adplacers, I think it is better you mail them your campaign plan and budget so they can come up with some thing cool.

You can also google search leading adnetwork in nigeria to clear your mind.


http://www.google.com/adplanner/static/top1000/index.html# that link will give u an idea of where pple visit the most on a daily basis


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