Website Review

Please see the site and post review and comments. Please examine the design and the functionality of the site. Thanks alot. Itz a website that allows people to sell and buy things online

Nice but could be better in terms of graphics would like to have a private chat with you,
please do me a mail [email protected]
Will really love to hear from you

I also noticed that the mail you sent to email address does not have the username so if I forget my username, I do I retrieve it back

The website allows people to sell online and be able to monitor what they are selling unlink classified ads websites that just allows you sell without any form of supervision…

if only the graphics can be better!!!

The website’s tagline is “get what you want. Sell what you don’t. Easily” If I read it correctly someone needs to change something. The problem is what part.

The graphics isn’t really the problem. It’s the layout. I understand how hard it can be to cram so much information in so little space. There just isn’t enough page real estate. All in all good job. There is a saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

You need to work on the typography a bit.
Colour scheme is not smiling at all :frowning:
The right side bar is not consistent.
Not a good idea to make page request every 10 or so secs.

@promethus, the layout and its content has been edited, thanks for the review. chai but you harsh oo. @doctorfox, the right side bar has been changed into something more constant

Was I harsh? I knew I would be harsh so I tried to tone it down. Obviously, my attempts failed. Sorry. I’m in no place to judge a site cos I don’t think I can do a better job than you. Anyway, I think the site looks better now.

I started web programming(with css, Javascript, php, Ajax and jQuery) about two weeks ago. I wrote Java programs on PC and mobile for a year and a half before deciding to go web. Can you give me some pointers on laying out divs on a page cos from my little experience, though absolutely positioned divs will give you what you want, they would render horribly if a computer with different size and resolution views the site?

So what do you guys feel i can do to improve the site in terms of design?

The graphics and the fonts is not really catchy please work on that

Here’s a resource box page for anyone interested:

thanks to every comment posted on this post, i have modified the homepage into what an online store should look like, i added a drop-down menu to the category part, kept a more professional image at the center of the page, a registration button on the homepage and special thanks to @doctorfox for the links he posted, they were helpful, dont forget to comment on the new homepage