Website Review:


Please help test and review techincal functionality of this site. is a “mobile resources homepage for blackberry and smartphones users”. It’s all about display pictures.
It’s a mobile project; you can check it on your blackberry too.
If you love the idea please broadcast to your BBM contacts.

Please also like the page on facebook, I will appreciate that.

Thank you so much.


Nice work.
CSS height for the header seems too much. Makes only part of the picture clickable when you scroll up.

Tip: You could extend this beyond BB dp.
I didn’t get to this site from my BB, and would not be putting my dp here either.
Layout for non-javascript/ajax view on click shows only a single column for the image without the other pictures.

Overall, it’s fine.


Thanks for the sincere review @doctorfox
The overlaying header part is the header shadow from d backgrd height.

And for dis part "Tip: You could extend this beyond BB dp. " …i ve other things in mind but i will appreciate suggestions.(God bless you for that)

I dont understand dis statement either "I didn’t get to this site from my BB, and would not be putting my dp here either. " . Do u mean u can’t access it via phone?


@OLSylas - On the last comment, what I meant was that I viewed the site through my pc and not my BB. Most people would not be using a BB to access the site so you need to consider them.

Will comment more later on.


@OLSylas: i have done too much search on the site oh, but, u know, sometimes, u make me feel like i dont know this css and html, seriously…highly intimidating!!! well, you taught me sha. nice one!!!


@Samson … there is nothing special in the CSS or HTML. It’s just a normal site codin. Am start an IT institute soon( hopefully). I believe that will help in explainin different methods that leads to the same store.


@doctorfox …am waiting for the ideas o.


@OLSylas: cant wait for u to start oh!


@doctorfox …am still waiting for the ideas you mentioned.


grt idea bro, just checked the today and i can c my self using the site alot (to steal dps lol) i think its a no brainier hope its goes viral \m/