Wampserver issue


Good day people
I installed the latest wampserver 2.2 - d one with d pink favicon but suprisingly i cant access any of d services (phpmyadmin in particular). I have changed all d access level in d config file still d same. Is there something am not doing rightly or did i download d wrong one as a mate allegded (sourceforge was d source)
Also, i have ubuntu runing on a system with vista. What local server can i use bcos i want to believe it wil be a linux type
Lastly, how can i reconnect a database that was moved out and returned (dis occured has a result of tryn to upgrade my wampserver)
I trust you guys will do judgement to this. Cheers


Hmm… First of all you have to make sure you have backed up your old database, and files in the previous existing WAMPSERVER. Secondly, you are rushing to download it. :smiley: ok