I have just installed JBoss on my computer and have done the initial installation. When I typed http://localhost:8080 I got the JBoss server home page, so I thought everything was fine and dandy. So I continued my study of the book I’m using. When I followed the books instruction and tried the first simple “Hello world” JSP the page didn’t open. I can anyone offer some suggestions of what I’m doing wrong. Thanks


where did u place the jsp file?


Create a folder e.g. “project1” in the “%JBOSS_HOME%/server/default/deploy” directory.
To view the file from your browser use http://localhost:8080/project1.


follow this link


Hope this helps


I have figured it out. Thanks scooby. It appears you must be good in JSPs, and servlets. Could you point me in the right direction, cos from what I’ve read so far JSPs and servlets can do the same thing, but in different ways. So, here is my question. Can some one create a great looking dynamic website with just JSPs cos that would spare me the need to study servlets?


This post seems old, just thought I should say something sha.
There’s no big difference with the way JSPs and Servlets process data.
The same code you’d write in Servlets is 80% the same and what you’d write in JSP. But it’s generally a great idea to learn both because there are times you’d just need to do something quickly without having to render html or any content directly; for instance, when you make redirects or forward to another page, you could just simply use a servlet. Of course, you could achieve the same with JSP.


thanks for the reply, eventhough this post is old. What is your take on php? Which do you think is better for a beginner at web programming, JSP or php? I’ve done a bit of php and seemed a lot simpler than jsps. Which do you think is better in the long run, cos I know taking the short cut isn’t always the best. People who learnt visual basic aren’t better programmers than those of us who learnt Java SE. Please reply as soon as you can. thanks