Urgently need a Drupal developer to join team

I need a Drupal developer for projects. He who can be a friend and won’t shy away from digging into stuffs he hasn’t done before. Your role will be:

  1. Write custom Drupal modules
  2. Write custom Drupal hooks
  3. Must obey all Drupal coding standards
  4. Understand documentation via Doxygen
  5. Know how to leverage CCK, Views, Features modules to create powerful functionalities
  6. Understand OAUTH and Drupal services modules for website interoperability.
  7. knowledgeable of deployment tools like Drush, Drush Make and Aegir, version control tools including Git and Subversion.
  8. Drupal experience should include 6.x and 7.x
  9. Python skills is plus but not necessary.
  10. Very confident and comfortable on LAMP stack
  11. Above all, must be a very good work mate

Remuneration is on a per hour basis. You will also be working from outside of our office premises except you can prove that you will deliver on time remotely.

If you feel you can do all these and still be happy, kindly send me a mail at [email protected]