The Site is up for review


Please see the site and post review, comments and notes.


But need to check it on a wide screen like mine and see the background…


I think i have an idea of what it looks like on my small screen…spaces left and right, abi? maybe i should ‘repeat-x’


Brilliant!! I like it.

#5 is another site that took me 3 months plus to build. pls review too.


Nice work @Samson. Especially with Fonts are readable, simple and well-layedout elements. Nice work!


B E A UTIFUL ! ! !


oh! thanks, working on another complex one


eh samson i checkd and there’s smthn wrong with navigation. For example wen i click on some of the articles they take me to another different article all together. Eve if i click on a previous date on the calendar it doesnt take me to the articles for that month.
U mite need to check ur search functions or maybe how u retrieve info. Thanks


thanks for the observation, people have told me that several time, and i tryed it on my own pc, it works well, but i ll still check what d problem is. thanks a lot