The Best Ad Network is Here


Hey guys, here is inviting all you code crunchers and Super reviewers to check out the best ad network in town! We are new, but we put all our backs into what is now called the best ad network in town.

Introducing FlyMyAds. Housed at

Publishers, Advertisers and a cool new tool: Community Members; they get to advertise their sites for free as long as our ads spaces are present on their site!

Publishers using wordpress, drupal, joomla, opencart or just plain as day html are welcome. We’ve got plugins for you all.

Advertisers get a very comprehensive dashboard for viewing their ads performances, Publishers too!

Feel free to check out the best Ad Network in town. Waiting for your Reviews guys! and thanks.

Agboola Ayodeji
Group Head, [Branding]
Manda Technologies.