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Please drop a sincere review of
Content is still developing so the look might not be awesome.
Your opinion is welcome.


Oga Silas, I noticed there is not link to take u back to d homepage at any time.


Nice work!


The logo represent that. The Home button style is kinda oldskool and it’s only use on business or perosnal site nowadays.


thanks… any error seen so far?
I need to test well before announcing.


im really feeling the design, its simple and classy but in terms of functionality, there is a problem with fast-forwarding, the video is restarted whenever you try to fast-forward… Let us know when advert space is up…


Thanks fro spotting that. It’s currently using HTTP-Pseudo streaming for MP4 and I will try to perfect that.


I don’t know if Amazon gives free video hosting, but I suggest you host the videos on an external server. The videos don’t get cached by the browser making it necessary to always re-download the whole thing everytime you replay it.


Legal & Rules not working as at the time i clicked, i mean there were no text for that links, is that intentional? About Wazobia.TV doesnt have any text too… in all its a simple nice job sir


Thank you guyz… am still working on all that.
Please try and register to test inputs. Note that I won’t delete any input, so please use valid input alone. Don’t type zigyzag stuff abeg.

I appreciate y’all.


Please check the cache again if working.