Site review; CSS3 & HTML 5


Please review this site.

Content is still in progress though …


what are we going to review in your work? oga silas!!! away from that, i have still not embrace that html5, i dont seem to like the way some of the codes were added, so am still using my

tags. simple


ok. i just noticed something, where u have ABOUT EAA, i think d text alignment should be left not right…what do u think? the BIO page also, the last text “THE BEST IS YET TO COME” is having a drop cap!!! its not suppose to be, since its not the beginning of a section. u got it?


maybe u need to organize a programme to explain how to apply all this html5 codes, i like the way, each section scroll in.


what is this html 5 about?


Nice work on the layout here!
Only thing is that the background appears a little dull.
Everything else looks cool.


@adeleke: the improved version of html4, with new codes like section, header, article etc.


Reply to @Samson:

Why say that? Everyone should undergo review in life; one way or the other.


Comments noted and necessary adjustment will take effect.


Reply to @Samson:
I actually use ‘text-align:end’ & ‘text-align:start;’ on that row…


great site. My comments would come in from usability aspect. I think you need ot do a little work on the typography. you need to add line-height to your typography as the whole “passage” seem long. This might bore people at some point and leave the page after reading one or two paragraphs. Try and let the “facebook like” stay at as a proper sidebar and don’t let the words wrap around it. This two corections make it more readable, scannable, schemable, whichever the user wants to do to it. My opinion anyway. Nice site.