Site Revamped

Wow! finally, I can rest a while… just launched a revamped version of

Oga Silas, again u have done ur wonders, I should have peeped into what you were doing that weekend but you really monitored it (laughing). Anyway very nice but I have a little reservation. To me it is very okay bcos I can find my way through but to an ordinary internet user, I think it is too busy (as per a bulk sms site) or better put complex. I would suggest you reduce the content on the index and probably put it on some other pages so that any one who goes to those pages will know what he or she is doing. All the same nice work you have there bros.

Thanks for your comment…

I hope its not late, i just took a look at and i like the frontal interface… however, i think the six major features on the home page have a too similar design! Other than that, i think its cool!

I will look into that.

Lovely website… and and a nice interface. I’m working on an online application currently and I wanna asks if Ibulky has a php API that can be integrated in the application i’m working on.

Thanks Demola.
Am currently working on the API as I type this… :smiley:
It’s shud fully ready next week.