Say goodbye to localhost

Isn’t it about time to say goodbye to localhost?

a very good ideas but i don’t believe localhost is going extinct anytime soon, anything “cloud” wont work 90% here in nigeria unless the app makes use of html5 localStorage. localhost still rules for offline development.

i dont seem to get it…whats it about???

Definitely, dis might not work well for now because of the internet speed and so on; but cloud storage will surely have it full-place soon.
Ve u tried to use the APP and see what it can do?
You will love it.

yeah, i just installed the google chrome app and giving it a run now, loving it so far…better for multiple coders collaboration and such…downside in this part is the internet speed thing…great app though

It sucks my data plan like hell. It’s not an option for me for now in Nigeria. If we need a team project, we’ll build functions at once. Then share roles and develop each according to a laid down strategy.

hmm nice