Query Webservice


Hello folks, am new to nusoap web service query. I want to query interswitch gateway for payment status, and update the status in My DB, i have the webpay_inf.inc file and the nusoap folder respectively. I have called in the webpay_inf.inc with the require function. I use dreamweaver to load in db recordset, on each set, there is a query button. The problem is how can i use the button to query interswitch, sending each set transact id to interswitch.\

any help please.


first i would advice you to stop using the default dreamwaver record set, it fact stop using dreamwaver for php development, try phpdesigner or eclipse php. The dreamwaver record set comes with a lot of extra codes u dont need that would only slow down your application, create your record sets your self got to www.w3schools.com for how too.

Secondly i dont quite get what the problems could you explain betta


I will like to use the query button to query webpay server using the getstatus() function and update the row on DB