Programming for Linux


Please who knows any other programming language for building desktop apps on Linux apart from Java


You can use Qt or Perl. I know there are several more but u good number of tutorials on these ones I gave to you. All the best.


Thank you so much. But i though perl was for web just like PHP so it means it can also be used for desktop too. Thanks once again now my research is more streamlined


Use pyQt…very good tool to build desktop app on Linux


I’ve been using Ubuntu and Centos since 2006 and i can tell you from experience, you’ll get the best using Python, cause alot has already been done for you


I’ve been on Linux since 2006 and it been an adventure.
I’ll say go for PYTHON, its fully supported in Linux and got alot you will need.
Java needs JRE and co but python has alot of modules already made with Linux.

Python, C, Perl and Bash are like the core engine for Linux now


GTK+ and it’s cross platform


C, C++ and Python. Personally I love python


I’d say go for python. But here are some other options and why you may want to try them:
1. If your a C# fan and you need to kick start the project in a hurry, there’s the Mono project
but you’ll be imposing the Mono runtime engine on your clients just as Java imposes the JVM.
2. Then you have plain old C/C++, if you have the time, i’d recommend this. It’s the backbone
of virtually a lot of major frameworks.

FYI: Most Linux distros come with OpenJRE installed this days so your client wont have to install the JVM. Just wondering why you insist on not using Java.