programmers please....


I believe that programmers in Nigeria can play bigger role in the unfolding global Online business of social media, software outsourcing, applications development, global online payment platforms. We cannot persist in thinking only within our borders, we cannot persist in playing solo and undermine our potentials, we can not ignore the strategic advantage of collaboration (as demonstrated by the great success of Infosys and the indian IT emergence) and we cannot allow global IT miracles to all happen and pass on without our participation. please, lets collaborate for action. may be we may launch the next biggest hit after facebook, infosys, youtube, apple and many others.


The key phase here is “collaboration”


Reply to @codegidi: we are on same page. can we hook up


Reply to @codegidi: 08035052903. can we hook up


Yes oh. If there is any group like that. I will join oooh. Naija developers. my Number is 08066194746 hope to hear u @codegidi and @Alphaone


Same here oh. My number 08187462896.


So, what project do we embark on? Look at Look at all its sub-domains at books, list and Ask. Those with more inspirations should know that there are people who could make it real. I’m signing up for this network. Let’s get together. [email protected]