Please review this site

First you dont need to bevel the flag at the intro.
Second the main website shows that u used a cms theme.
Third the title and the header all not in a good look

If i’ll say this and dont take any offence in it, my rating for this website is way below 30%

My primary concern is the welcome or intro page or whatever is called. I wonder why people still use this concept…it’s way olddddddddddd skooooooool…u hardly see a pro-site with ‘Enter site’ button.

As for others I concur with @acefxlabs

Just went thru the site. hmmm… u must understand that this forum is to build ourselves so, dont take offence for any comment, just try and improve yourself instead. My own view is that, maybe all web designers need to learn a bit of graphics design too!!! its helps your planning and makes your site looks better…am sure d site can be better…keep practicing.

Most of what is there depended heavily on the owner, this was one very difficult person to work with. Besides I’m more of a programmer than a designer, will be posting all my web-based software for you to review. All of what you said was passed to the owner who insisted on this, but thanks for proving my point.

@Samson, no offence taken!

It was all hand-coded by the way, no CMS theme involved.

at all! nobody is offended here, we are all here to learn. Yea! all should be hand-coded, thats d ‘pro way’ maybe u just need few graphic lessons, it will really help.

I most definitely do!!! LOL!!

You can not be everything all together. The site visual feedback is very poor. You need a designer to help sharpen up your idea. most of the time, we pay no good attention to this things. of course like what samson said, you need not just graphic lessons… but intensive graphics lessons. Now, you need make a decision on whether you want to remain a coder or a designer. or have an idea of graphic design to be able appreciate good design when you find one.

One thing I have found out here is that one person wants to do all when it comes to web development, I strongly believe that you should have a general knowledge about all this tools-from graphics, outline, coding and even deployment but with tangible jobs please let us settle for a collective efforts so that the output can be tangible and if you are good at all then I say Good Luck.
To the site, Dangermouse was right, d visual is very poor, You could also have used a lightbox effect for the images instead of using the blank target. but overall, the idea was good but not too good execution

Thanks for your feedback, it is most appreciated. Watch out for the next one though, decided to hire a designer instead!!!

Simplicity is the sole of websites. My dear do not worry ok. Just try and make your designs like that of Google. And i would advice you contract out design jobs, so you don’t feel bad when you are told ‘your deisgn is poor’ ok. Just give you app developing skills all the shot. i tell you.

check out this and tell me what you think