Play framework and Google App Engine in Action


This is a simple program I wrote to internalize what little I’ve learnt about using the play framework for web-app programming. This little web-app is hosted in the Google App Engine(GAE). The play framework is java centric, but makes web-app development a breeze compared to JSPs, Servlets, and all the other Java EE stuff I don’t know about. Hosting a site through the GAE is free if the traffic is below a certain level(about 5 million page views a month, I think). Google guarantees bandwidth for your site. Using the GAE gives beginning and aspiring startup web-app programmers a chance to see their site online as they learn. Check it out.


Nice one…
But, your app is wrong about me. Am not GAY! …lol :slight_smile:


I wrote the web-app mostly to amuse people. After you click done the full images of the asses presented to you are displayed … so if you are a guy and 'like’d the asses of guys or 'Don’t like’d the asses of girls then you must be gay. As you can see my algorithm is very simple. I guess you are gay on the side … he he. Just kidding. A friend of mine who I know to be straight, got a gay result in my app, too. My app would have more correct results if more than 3 images were presented at a time(maybe 6), because I don’t think my algorithm is flawed.

Check the site again. I have made some improvements. You can now view the results of other people who have used the app. In other to access this feature your sexual status has to be checked again, though.