New Task For Any Smart Hackerpreneur

Would be nice if someone here could create a service that takes a site and compresses its CSS/Js files into one script for the developer to download and use. Sort of an online minifier + optimizer.

This way you would have helped reduce page load time and increase rendering speed of many sites.

There are more ideas that we can implement in this country instead of looking to copy what has already been done.


Let's see who hits this one.

This is what Google Page Speed attempts to solve. Why reinvent the wheel? Besides there are other alternatives like this and this.

Not exactly what it should be.
For refresh-sh, you need to put the path to your CSS files.
Wouldn’t it be better if you could just enter a URL to a page on your site and have the CSS references in the page minified. That way you can easily just upload one single file for both inline and linked CSS files.

As to re-inventing the wheel, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of choosing from mootools, Prototype, JQuery etc. if everyone said “hey those guys are already doing something like that - why should we bother doing something similar?” or 960gs saw there was blueprint and compassCSS and said “oh well - lets just let it go”.

Of course it’s left for anyone to do based on the amount of free time she/he has.

those are frameworks,every framework has a philosophy built in mind,but Css/Js minification services are everywhere so reinventing the wheel will serve no purpose,except u cud add new features to it.

A good quality of an entrepreneur is the ability to see opportunities before they become obvious to everyone else. I’d expect a smart guy out there to see the minifying tool as an important tool to add to an SEO service for people who don’t know about SEO and online marketing. If you’re bold enough, you can create a new start-up business and see how it grows.

Enough complaining about no jobs, create the jobs (if you have what it takes)!
Put together a platform with the core features needed by any new internet/mobile based venture.

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