My 1st Full Responsive Layout


Actually, this is not my first responsive layout. But am posting this to prompt your quick attention to responsive themes and layouts.

I recently redesigned to embrace a responsive look & feel. The web world is really going responsive and developers/designs have found this as the best alternate to theme switcher or mobile plugins. I really like being trendy and I think that’s the best way to go; #BeUp2Date


The first time i saw this post, sincerely, I did not really appreciate it since i don’t even know what “responsiveness” is all about. But this week, i stumble on an article and i was really interested…the idea was amazing, unfortunately since then, i have had to read so many e-books, i even try buying one but my card was rejected. To cut it short, the only thing i have seen or learn (which am not even sure its the real thing that is enhancing the response) is @media quarries. I have checked the website and its responds perfectly, I need to know, is it all about media quarries? or there are other codes like css3 or JavaScript etc kindly educate me.


One of the first issue i had in trying the “New Fluid Layout” in Dreamweaver was that, my width was not 100% Just wondering why that’s not possible OR maybe i don’t know how to fix that. But i just checked your website now (i mean the one you posted up) the header is not 100% width (maybe like 1650) BUT the footer is 100%!!! I need to understand some stuffs


Am holding a physical class on the 2nd of feb, 2013. The flier will be our this week. I hope you will like to attend the 1 day training on responsive layout.


Great Oga Silas, could you pls inform this forum when the fliers are out, i would love to attend also.


most definitely be attending


Okay greate. Feb 3rd is the date.