Multiple person working on the same project

Hi guys, am currently working on a site and its taking more time than i envisage, unfortunately, am not the only one that will work on the website, the programmer (content management developer) needs to work on the website too. So, i want to ask, is there a way both of us can be working on the same file simultaneously? What i mean is, I don’t want to wait till i finish the job before the programmer will start his own job. I hope my question in clear? Please, if you have any way out, let me know asap.

You dont have to finish your UI before the programmer starts his own CMS section for example my latest site. I already built the cms before which called WiCMS before building the site. Dont forget that CMS handles (text content and image content mostly. So you can go ahead and design your site anyhow you want it. Just make sure you leave the “Dynamic” areas for the programmer. So when it is time for integration, he just replaces the place holders with the real db data (whether it is text/image/video

I hope this helps

For some of the project i have done before now, yes, your advice works, BUT for this? NO! There are several forms, several data that links or relates to one another, unfortunately am not done with my part, i just need a way that we can work simultaneously on the same file. Thanks anyway

What CMS are you intending on using

What CMS are you intending on using