Microsoft Previews New JavaScript-Like Programming Language TypeScript


Guys check this out


Nice one…!


like what is wrong with javascript ? Microsoft is just in a habit of going left when the whole world is going right. I see this as just another waste like silver light was.


You can trust Microsoft to be playing catch up… They will now realize its a waste of time and dump it!


@Codegidi Hmmm… dont be blind oh. You need to see what Silverlight can do and has done. It has not been deprecated. It is even growing stronger.

I think they will incooperate it into Visual Studio. Dont forget it is not an opensource company so…


@nimboya fyi silverlight is DEAD and Microsoft has come out to announce that there wont be any further developments on it (Google if you don’t believe) even tho they are moving the technology into XAML for there native windows 8 development.

As far as i am concerned silverlight was dead on arrival and so would TypeScript, i mean heck opensource coffeescript has been around for a while yet no one gives a hoot and its now a product from windows (which would probably only work on IE that no one uses) that would catch our attention?

As far as development is concerned microsoft should concentrate on tools that would make application development on their platform (windows) easier like XAML that i love by the way, and stay off any thing web. Or better still the should spend all that development time creating a REAL web browser instead of the crap of IE.


Are you sure Microsoft should stay of web? @codegidi ? 80% of ur banks us .NET for thier web programming. ASP.NET has come to stay. Why should you sayve they should ignore web. I still some applications of Silverlight sha. Many of the large enterprise applications u use are ran on ASP.NET


most applications developed by .NET are usually not customer facing applications there are developed for enterprise systems, for a very long time the only way to do web with the .NET framework was thu pre-defined (and UGLY) webforms its only recently the released MVC on their web framework.

As for me sha i wont waste me energy learning anything from Microsoft, they have a very high level of inconsistency and poor innovative imagination.


Lol @codegidi. Who no go no know oh. Have you heard of Ingragistics, and ? Did u say ugly interfaces. Hmmm… you need to see what these tools can do. They bring desktop down to your web. Making it even smarter and better look and feel. They have been around since 2008. With our without MVC microsoft is good in web


exactly @nimboya thats the point microsoft is always trying to “bring desktop down to your web” but the failed to realize that the WEB is the WEB and it doesn’t have to operate like a desktop app


Arent you enjoy jquery and Ajax what do you was the idea behind them. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Tweeter, Facebook cant you see they are trying to reduce or even eliminate loading time? So they look like desktop apps? Hmmm…?

Imagine websites 7 years ago with Ajax? or jQ