Making Callbacks in JavaScript?

By now,all jquery users shud be familiar with the term “callback”,Because JavaScript unlike other Languages that have thread,or that allow statements like


Javascript blocks any function while the loops are running,so a callback is needed to alert the developer that the function has been completed.

take for instance.Jquery uses a lot of callbacks take for instance.

$('#clickme').click(function() {<br>  $('#book').animate({<br>    opacity: 0.25,<br>    left: '+=50',<br>    height: 'toggle'<br>  }, 5000, function() {<br>    // Animation complete.<br>This here is a Callback and Most Callbacks are anonymous functions,functions with no name<br>  });<br>});<br><br>

However am teaching Pure Js since i don't really use Jquery(lacks Class Support) so lets do a simple callback

//Creates a function with 2 arguments<br>function ajax(a,callback)<br>{<br>if(a) //if the first argument is defined<br>{<br>var b=["json","xml","ati"]; //Here we declared an Array this will emulate an Ajax Return Data Set<br>}<br>if(callback) //If the second argument has been defined<br>return (callback(b)); //we call it like a function and pass the data as a parameter<br><br>}<br>//So we just pass a dummy data and create our anonymous function and our argument will be the return data from the inner function.<br>ajax("a",function(data){<br>console.log(data)}); //print  the array<br>

Although this is just a scratch concept to explain you still need to implement some sort of a data checking to see if the second argument is a function by using the typeof and the constructor property.