Xup folks, am new here and i managed to find this place after searching google for “Nigeria Programmers”. Am seeking for a web development team to join so as to develop my skills, gain more knowledge and experience. Am done with html and css and about beginning php. I do hope i can get one here. Thanks.

Likewise me my friend

Good to be here

sure bros…post your questions here, me and every other guys here are willing to help you out

what i meant is that am looking for a team to join.

okies, apart from html,css, and with you just starting out to learn php, what other coding/programming skills you got…Ready to join a team that offers no pay?

No other codinq skill br0v, buh am determined to learn. Sure, am willinq to join, cos i kn0w/guess i stand a chance to gain alot.

so how can one join the team @SpryPixel

Sprypixels~ hw does one join?

great response, a group of developers/programmers/designer etc, trying to work together towards a common set goal - which is develop an app(web/mobile/native).

so pls kindly state your area of strength, i mean what you do and what you can add to the group.

Then, i will inform you on how to join the group

For now, html and css. Learning php.