Learn PHP


Always the same question: How/where can I learn PHP?

Please read http://www.w3schools.com/php/ . Let’s start from there.


http://www.pdfsearchengine.org/ find anything on PHP! I learnt PHP by downloading tutorials and of course, combining ASP alongside! Advertising took me off coding! w3schools can only introduce you to the basic. I always have PHP resources on the Go before my backup crashed. Dig the web if you so interested in learning PHP!


that was resourceful, thanks for the info


You are right. But I found w3school as a good starting point for all beginners. It really helps anyway; though I didn’t know about it when I started PHP years ago.


www.php.net is also another good resource.


@smartnaija tru talk but you need to get an IDE like Dreameaver and download your server either XAMPP or Wamp from sourceforge.net or go to Google and search it out


Dreamweaver would be best for beginners.
As time goes by you may consider Eclipse and Netbeans.


I would recommend that you provide a download section on this website and guys who have materials should upload for easy access for newbies or pro who may need em. Am not speaking for me, but I think it’s nice If I do a search and get a result, those in my line shouldn’t need to go find that the same thing, they should find something else…so development is faster for all…JUST A SUGGESTION


i really second @zuile360 view for a section for download and uploads, as i have quite a lot of material i would be willing to upload on there, to share to members.


Why do people reference Dreamweaver as for beginners? Am just wondering.
Dreamweaver is a great tool and it’s beyond any beginner’s understanding. I will recommend notepad instead…lol