Java ME dictionary resource

Hey people. How possible is it for a Java ME application to have access to words and their meanings from within a dictionary resource? The application is not a mobile dictionary, but a game. I don’t want the game to have all the words of the english language. I just need the game to have A LOT of words to make the game more standard and of benefit to more people.
I searched for a dictionary resource online, but I guess my google query strings were not good enough. Any positive help will be most appreciated. Thanks

Hi Prometheus. How are you planning to use the resource? Is it as a source to check if a word is valid or not? Would a web service like this: be suitable?

thanks, but it isn’t what i need. i don’t want d internet 2 b involved in d game. D game is meant 2 improve d vocabulary of d user in a fun way by playing against someone thru bluetooth. I would like d game 2 have a list of words which allows random selection of words.

Is this more like what you want - ?

Thanks for all your help t_man. I’ll figure it out.