Java Desktop Integration Components


I’ve tried downloading the ‘Java Desktop Integration Components’ library with no success. How do I get it and any complete tutorials on it? Thanks.


Some JDIC component are available in JDK 6. SystemTray, Launch Application and some other features


What I wanted out of the JDIC is file type association, so that once you double-click on a file that your application uses, your application opens with the file’s path as a parameter to the main method, and also I wanted ‘application icon change’ from the default Java icon, so that files asociated with my application will have that same icon.


To do this, u don’t need JDIC. Add the line below to your application’s main method. Associating a file extension with your application is done easily when building an installer for your application. Softwares like advanced installer will help associate a particular file extension with your application making it clickable and easily interpreted by your application
public static void main(String[] args){ ApplicationClassName clas = new ApplicationClassName(); if(args.length > 0) { loadFile(args[0]); //args[0] in loadFile method with return the string path to the clicked file // File file = new File(args[0]); //convert to file in your loadFile method } }


Thanks, scooby for your reply. I don’t know why you checked this question, but thanks anyway. I thought I was already abandoned … I even forgot about ever solving the file-type association problem and thought that that was just one of the cons of coding in a platform independent language like Java.

Which installer do you recommend? I used IzPack to make the first installer of my program. I don’t think it offers the file-association or ‘application image-icon’ functionality.


Advanced Installer


I’ve been very busy working on a project in the last 3months+, that’s why I’ve not been responding on codenigeria as before. I’ll try to dedicate more time to it anyway…


The features of advanced installer seem cool, but it appears one can only download a free 30 day trial. What can someone like me who can’t pay for such do?