Introducing Be Seen, Be heard, Be Paid !!!

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Are you a service provider?

Do you have an event you want to advertise?

Are you looking for more customers?

Is your marketing strategy currently working for you?

Are you looking for more ways to smile to the bank?

Well, we have a secret for you.

Do you know that 44 Million Nigerians connect to the internet daily???

Do you also know that online advertisement is the most effective form of advertisement???

Well, here are seven important reasons why you MUST advertise online to stay ahead of the competition!

  1.  Your customers are online. More than ever, consumers use the Internet to research and select products to purchase… even if they plan to buy them offline! Your advertising will prompt them to consider your products and services too.
  2.  Your competitors are online. Not only are your direct competitors advertising online, but also many companies that now use the Internet to target your customers. How to fight back? Make sure your customers see your advertising to remind them why they like your products best.
  3.  Online advertising is cost effective. You can reach a large audience quickly and at lower cost than any other media
  4.  No big investment needed to get started. You can launch your online ad campaign with as low as N2, 000. And it will be easy to scale your efforts over time as you test and learn what works best.
  5.  Everything is immediate. You can test and launch your advertising very quickly and generate responses almost immediately. In other words, if you need customers tomorrow, not next month, advertising on the Internet is the way to go!
  6.  The Internet has gone local. You don’t need to worry about wasting your advertising money on the Internet masses. We target the community you care about with one of the many options for local advertising such as on
  7.  Lots of ways to reach your target audience. The Internet is a great channel for delivering your message to very specific audiences and in the narrowest market niches. Besides geographic targeting, you can also target based on your customers’ demographic profile, types of behavior, and special interests.

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FlyMyAds, Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Paid.