Interswitch Web Pay integration

I created an event registration page that stores information to the database and i created a back-end to view the registered information. Now i want to implement interswitch payment gateway to the form so that user can pay for the event. Based on the interswitch requirements, my page must generate a transaction ID and amount that goes along to the interswitch server for processing .

Please anyone to put me through steps on how to implement. I am implementing this through php/mysql


Hi Guys,

Does anyone know where I can get the Interswitch WebPay code and installation manual from. It seems impossible to find.

Thanks in advance.

 I did interswitch on my last project. The initial reg fee is 150k and charge/transaction is 3.5% i think… Best is to go with GTpay from GTbank, they slash by 50% but you need to bank with them.

Wow… never knew this thread is still trending… Nice work guys, I already achieved the aim of the thread buts its a good way to learn. 

Please all, share where i can get the docs or know how interswitch charge and registration like? coz i wanna give final pricing to client on friday.

any input will be appreciated

Depends on the Gateway most just require you to pass values to a specified url and variables to passed in a form. Look at eyowo it has an API and is far cheaper

Thanks bro… I already applied interswitch and its project on hand. How can i pass the value to the url and hw can i auto generate a specified set of ID. I mean the value here is the Transaction ID from the form

It’s easy to handle.
Follow this steps.

  • When you load you form, create a transaction ID programatically(unique ID not existing in DB, so you have to verify in DB) and store it in a handle filed as describe in the API manual.

  • On submit, before you send to interswitch server, store it in your db for reference and other necessary verification.

There is nothing really special about the gateway integration, I’ve done it b4.

It’s the same with any [payment integration, paypal, googlepay etc.

This is what you’d do. With the epoch time, i.e with the php function date(‘U’);
It will generate numbers that are seconds since 1970. With this as ID, no two persons will get one Transaction ID. If you’re afraid of two persons doing this at once, append the person’s id in db. E.g $transactionid=date(‘U’).$db[‘id’]; If you know ur db, you’d know what I mean

nice work peeps… but i think i also ave the same problem too

If you are having the same problem, ve you been able to solve it with the solution provided by @ekene20 ? Let’s know if you still need help.

just did a WebPay integration… a lil bit challenging…but if u go thru docs…its quite easy

Reply to @ekene20:
Hey Ekene, I think I will need you for my webpay integration.

Have you checked out GTpay? is it ok? or is there something in the market better than these two, that could accommodate other african currencies as well?

Please, contact me on [email protected] for further discussion.


Reply to @ekene20:
Hey Ekene, I think I will need you for my integration as well for webpay.

Have you checked out GTpay? is it ok? or there something in the market better than these

Hello Mr. Silas, pls i need ur help in how to connect my site to interswitch

just got a job which also requires online payment,so which is is better btw interswitch and Eyowo and hows easy is their integration with Magento?

thanks guys.

@Samuel - Do you have the API detail with you? Open a new thread on what you don’t understand and we’ll try to help out.

@SpryPixels … Interswitch is the parent of most payment gateways in Nigeria… most of them use interswitch or eTranzact … You can try GTPay as they cut your registration fee for interswitch 50% OFF; which means you have to make your GTbank the only depositing bank and you use their API.

wow, 150k for reg and 3.5% of every transaction…what about GTpay, whats the reg fee and transaction commission?

@SpryPixel, GTPay is 75,000. Thats what web4africa is using. u can visit the bank for more info.