Image Display


Hello folks, please I want to a part of an image when a mouse is moved over it to show properly. Take for instance you have an image of a rat on page and u move your mouse over the tail- The tail part becomes more glaring and when u move the mouse away it returns to b part of the image again.
How can I achieve this.


Use JQuery zoom for it. Check this list


Oga Silas. I trust you, am still checking out the page. I hope it solves the stuff if not trust me I will come calling. Thank you very much.


@OLSylas, this particular could have done the job ( but what am looking for is that at any point of the image you are seeing, when you click it instead of enlarging like it does it should take you to another page or let. let’s say u click on the tail of the picture it should take you to another page that has information about the tail. I hope u got my story now (laughing).
Trust You.