html placeholder in ie

Juts found out that “placeholder tag” does not work in ie!!! is there a way i ca fix the bug without using jQuery? pls share your idea.

Please what do you mean by “placeholder tag” is it a new HTML tag or what. You might be trying to use a HTML5 tag which your ur current IE browser can not understand or render properly

placeholder is not a tag, is part of html5 new input attributes and ie < version 10 does not fully understand all html5 elements.

@samson, there is no other way (i believe) than to use javascript.

Ahhh. I did not know oh. Abeg do not bother to try using HTML5 things for now. That thing still needs some time to grow. Not all browsers can understand it. Also consider your users. 80-95% Of people are still runnig ie8 and mayb ie9 firefox4 or chrome21 none of these browsers recognize html5

I wont completely say dont use HTML5, i’ll just say be wise about your approach to the web.
HTML4 is still very ok but HTML5 brings alot to the board.

You client, your demography and your project should dictate technologies.
HTML is a go and if we dont start using it browsers wont mature to them.

Hmmmm…thanks guys, I was able to work around it. I think its actually true that HTML 5 is still in process