HTML Audio!!!


Hi guys, compliment of the seasons. Please does anyone knows how to embed an audio file on a website? pls i like you to tell me the one u have used that works not google result! pls!!! Thanks guys.


Are you trying to play it directly or as a download link?
If you are playin…den u need a swf player… try


i ll try it out and update u sir. thanks for ur swift response always


To use directly try,


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Remember to add < script type=“text/javascript” src=“audio-player.js” ></ script >


Or if you are very familiar with javascript you can try Dojo. it gives control and can attach the Events in the FLAudio Object


Before i tried the link u gave me, i have been reading about yahoo webplayer previously, so before i tried the link u gave me, i took one more try with the yahoo webplayer…IT WORKS!!! here is the link sir: so, i know two ways of doing it now, isn’t that great? wow!!!


:slight_smile: awesome. Flash is still relevant. so apple fan boys should recognize

#9 is great and it works well but I had an issue sometimes with playing a list of audio files on a webpage but could not because I had to do that by creating a playlist which i really dont like the idea. can anybody tell me how to do that without creating a playlist.


You can list them as:
< a href=“http://audio-1-url.mp3”>Audio 1</ a>< br />
< a href=“http://audio-2-url.mp3”>Audio 2</ a>< br />
< a href=“http://audio-3-url.mp3”>Audio 3</ a>< br />
< a href=“http://audio-4-url.mp3”>Audio 4</ a>< br />


@OLSylas, the way you have listed them above does that means each file will have its own player, because what am looking for is a central player and all you do is click on the file name and player wherever it is placed begins to play.
See for more clarity


@adeleke06, the solution to your problem is this link thats what i used, it works perfectly. just place a link to your audio file in any part of the webpage. the player will locate it and play it for you, infact it will add ‘a play botton’ to that portion of ur web page. see


@Samson, nice one u have there and u say u dont know jquery (winking)


@adeleke06, i sincerely dont know jQuary, i can only do small editing on it… i really want to learn that this year, i hope i do.


@Samson, then that means you must have a very good arsenal of jquery stuffs
do you mind sharing ur arsenal with us here, Success bro


I simply google what i want and look for what is similar to it, edit if necessary then use it