How much to charge?

I just got my first client  - outside of the company i worked for - and she wants to a full online payment e-commerce system. from the other discussion, i have been able to make out how much for both interswitch and GTPay cost for their integration.

So guys, would you guys help with ideas on how much i can bill this client? as i worked for a company and they handle the billing thing, and this is my first real outside e-commerce job.

any input will be appreciated, as i set to set her tomorrow.


Well, your charged should depend on how you value your time and the effort you are putting in the project.
To get thru easily, tyr use for the online store…am not use how to go about using GTPay or interswitch for this coz I just got to know about it few months ago and I’ve not even used it once.

I have worked with prestashop and I can recommend it for your use and moreover it is free but concerning the bill I support OLSylas except if u want to charge them based on every transaction carried on the site

thanks guys