How come i don't know how to use wordpress


How is it use, pls somebody let me know, i beg. Its not funny.


Its simply because you’re not ready to take a new adventure.
WP is quite easy and fast to understand.
Try and take ur time and if u need resources i can help


This will help you get started:



I second what LSylas said. I’ve been a programmer for over 15 years and I am just learning WordPress. In time, it will become easier, like anything else.


when am ready for it, i’ll do all to learn it, meanwhile, thanks bro


you are not ready and you are disturbing us with questions? So ara e o!


lol! no be fight now! lol!!!


I think WP is quite easy but then I’m quite sure there are lots of videos on the internet where you can learn how to use it. The best form of learning is by observations, search for videos and I’m sure you’ll find something