Everyone i need help… Am about create a website… My parent are not in surport cus day dont see and really know the value… I want to make enquiries…who would help me… [its a social network] … Any consultant ?


Before you can create a Social Network,you should create a model or a mock up so u can get a visual view of what you intend to build.believe me i have closed several projects cuz i skipped this step.


done that already…

#4 is that you site


Yes it is.


how much do you pay for your site, why are you using wordpress, what does your site has to offer, ( that drivs hits) if it gets hits


well, i just created a site to just show my projects to clients and stuff,am not to interested in hits and how many people visit,its like my personal blog page and sort of a reference i have some links there that contain client work so they can see their work at certain stages. if u wanna build a site first start with html->css->javascript and then u can choose a server sided language.


also i use wordpress cuz am a wordpress developer why build something from scratch when someone spent his time building it for others for free to extend and customize with it.