Have You Got Super Startup Ideas? Funding is Available.


I hear there is an opportunity to get seed funding for startups that are promising.
If you have a cool idea that you beliveve is worthy of investment with good long term capital goals and relevance.
Read the details at http://webtrendsng.com/blog/need-funding-for-your-startup-meet-nigerian-angel-investors-at-pitch-monday/


Wow, this is interesting. . . .and could really bring many ideas to live.


i want to make a software that works as a keyboard when i need to type something on google or gmail with the help of mouse we can type on the screen keyboard


You can visit www.ideas2020.com to share ideas. Ideas are published for people to vote on. The highest ranking idea wins the funding for a given period.


@jaya dont quite get wat your idea is


@codegidi, if I get jaya well, he wants to do an onscreen keyboard which is already obtained even on ur window O.S


oh, thats not such a grt startup idea now is it


oh, thats not such a grt startup idea now is it