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We are happy to announce that world famous “sleepless hacking weekend” Garage48 ( will take place in Lagos on May 6-8th 2011. Garage48 events have been proven it’s success in Europe so far, now we are coming to Lagos to connect startup & tech community in Nigeria. Garage48 Lagos partners are Google and Nokia.

Garage48 is an event for brave and active startup minded people who want to develop their new idea into a product (or working prototype) in the course of one weekend. We are skipping paperwork, spreadsheets and we’re going back to the roots of tech projects for building the prototypes in good old “garage”.

Garage48 invites 100 participants with various roles:

* Graphic Designers & User Interaction gurus
* Web Front-end Developers (HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax)
* Programmers and Backend Developers (PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, etc)
* Mobile Application Developers  (J2ME, Android, Qt, iPhone)
* Marketing Wizards
* Visionary entrepreneurs and project managers

If you want to try out your skills and see how ideas can become reality within 48 hours, then sign up for the event at

Garage48 is not a search for a million dollar idea, but a crazy weekend project that needs “just do it” attitude and 48 hours of commitment. The results are much more real than a business plan on a paper - they are working products and services.

Please have a look at short 90 second video about Garage48:

Check out some cool projects launched at last Garage48 events in Europe at

Sign up and invite your friends to participate. The event is in English as we are especially looking for software developers and designers!

Less talk, more action!

See you soon,
Garage48 & team

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