Framework or from Scratch


Sorry if i miss points am a bit drunk this morning but never the less have an opinion to share. its the consideration of using a framework or coding from scratch but am not the type to talk much on reality so i’ll tell a story.

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Company A wants a website that handles poems and allows people to access poems and share them through various social networks but this is the tricky part Company A; lets call Company A “poem tech”, poem tech wants a kind like portal where each user can add poems,share poems and rate poems but this is the snag they want a demo in 1 week time. developer A decides to take the project but lets face it,apart from the processing the client’s requirement the Developer has his own requirement he as to ensure session handling,caching,security,database and IP tracking all in two weeks but developer A is the old school type that loves to code from scratch. but lets jump to Developer B he is the guy who has knowledge on programming but he’s the type that can’t be bothered building from scratch after all a smarter guy created Joomla, WordPress and Zend so why re-invent the wheel,he focuses on the client requirement and bothers less on those technical requirements as frameworks have classes that handle them with little abstraction, at the end of the day which developers has time to impress the client developer A or developer B ?, apparently the story has no ending its up to you to decide which developer has the advantage infact this is not even a story its just a real-life situation we coders encounter,framework or from scratch, a moral lesson would have been nice but lets be frank am too drunk to care about moral lessons, the question i will leave to you guys is that, “What matters most to a client; The Job getting done regardless of the technology or the technology used in getting the Job done”. bye this is an excerpt from a drunk mind. :slight_smile:


Let us face reality here. Not all clients wanted will be supported by a CMS. sometimes, you need to code from scratch to make things work. Nigerian Clients has bad delivery time habits and they cannot pay for the deadly time they always request. when they travel overseas, they pay consultation and subsequently professional fees and they abide by rules and regulations and more so project duration timeline. I think it is time for us here to dictate time and delivery period because, they required our services and expertise. If a client proposes a time frame that will not work, I think the brave thing to do is to let go of the project and hope for a better one. I face same as a designer. Since I started dictating my time of delivery, I have been respected. You can have whatever you want if you are the one doing it yourself…but is that a reality? NO NO NO! So, Let us tell them we are professionals. There is a process for everything we do. I still build websites with no CMS engine.


i like your response i was given an impossible feat to build a school portal in 2 weeks i told them it wasn’t possible and they were like they would sub contract it to another person i wished them luck now i have 5 months to work on the portal.we should dictate the time if it were that easy they could one on their own.


Nice thread here guys; but sincerely I wud go for “From scratch” for most of my projects. Doing it from scratch doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your codes every time. At least, if you make use of tools like Snippely, u don’t have to write each function all over every time or start searching for a code in another project. Using framework is fast if you know how to use it well. Currently, i use my self built framework and I hope to perfect it for simplicity.


Yep I use frameworks cuz of client works and I heavily extend them with custom classes but I built a framework once,it used MVC pattern. But I lost it to faulty HDD,very sad :frowning:


@OLSylas i share your views, i would chose to build from scratch over frameworks, but some times its just a no brainier to use an already existing framework e.g if u are trying to build a blog or a shopping, at times like that i just pull out a CMS


In the West you make more money coding form scratch as it’s easier to make applications secure. It really depends on the client and what they want really.


Ezra bro whats going on ? :slight_smile: