Firefox 4 bug!!!

i was surprised that the new firefox 4 cant arrange what an IE 8 did perfectly!!! the previous version of fireworks didn’t give any problem in arranging the site, but the new firefox 4 did a bad job!!! i have tried debugging the site…i couldn’t just find the solution. u will need to view the site in friefox 4 to understand the problem. this is the link to the site anybody got an idea?

Samson, Good job on the website.
First its no issue of browser but your code.
I did a personal check and realized that you have height issues to be fixed on the banner.
Try and install Firebug plugin for firefox and check for issues

Also try and test you websites on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE6, IE 7 and IE 8 before launching any website.
Cause this are the major browser engines used for browsing.

All in all, good job

so how do i use firebug to fix d problem, i already have firebug

Good job bro. please can I know the font family or type that u use I love the font

  • { margin:0;padding:0;font-family:“Segoe UI”,Calibri,“Myriad Pro”,Myriad,“Trebuchet MS”,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; }

thats it. i took that code from silas

u guys have not solve my problem now!

thats great, U know say Silas na OGA now (laughing) 

@samson what is the problem becuase I viewed the site just now using firefox 4 and i did not notice any issue

really? the slide on the header part is not arranged on my system!!! i mean in firefox 4!!! thats d only problem i have oh!

i just confirmed d version of d firefox, its firefox 4 Beta 3

Hi Samson

Fixing with firebug is very straight.
When testing your site on ff with firebug, you can do live edit and see how the website will behave.
Just edit anything in firebug and you’ll see the adjustment.

Once u get the right thing from your test, you can update your code with that.

i think there is nothing wrong with d site oh! its so funny, i checked it on a friends system using the same firefox 4 and its perfect. @acefxlabs: thanks for the insight.