Female Programmers in Nigeria?


Just wondering? How many Nigerian female programmers have you met?


Here’s one, albeit UK-based. There are loads in the UK.


Shittu Ramat (not sure of the spelling) shes a good programmer, i think there are few arround.


I know a number of female java programmers in Nigeria


Interesting tallgal. I was thinking Nigeria based. But did you grow up in Nigeria? Were you programming while in Nigeria?


I stayed up till my mid-teens in Nigeria and did a breif UI stint before coming back to the UK. But I met a lot of my age-mates who studied Computer Science in UI back then and worked in Nigeria.


What kind of programming do you do?


ColdFusion I guess, that’s what ladies love. am I right @tallgal?


LOL!! I do ColdFusion, PHP and .Net. No Java. A lot of the ladies I know are actually .NET or SAP ABAP programmers.


I just happen to get my first post-graduation job doing ColdFusion. I am also a SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL specialist.


I know of this fine girl that does Java and she’s so good.


Well i would say in my opinion it is not about doing, but building applications that will make a nitch for you.

A lot of nigerians write ‘programs’ and not ‘develop applications’ it is amazing and painful


@Nimboya, I’ve been building applications all of my career. So do all the Nigerians I work with.You need to meet the right people, lol!!