Facebook Api- How to make status update on facebook but also tag some facebook friends in it.

Hi guys. I’ve been writing a blackberry app which has facebook integration. Two days ago Facebook deprecated some of its api. Prior to this, a user of my app was able to pull up his facebook friends and say something on their walls. But now, it isn’t possible because of facebook’s deprecation. Facebook gave alternatives which include ‘mention tagging’ and ‘action tagging’ where a user of an app can just update his status(I guess) from the app but also ‘tag’ his friends so that the ‘tagged’ friends still get a notification. The problem is that the facebook developer tutorial wasn’t very clear and explicit on how to do this. Please can anyone help me out with this. Thanks

Hi everyone. I have solved the problem from the help I got from the web. Here’s what you do.

Make a ‘POST’ request to the following URL:

https://graph.facebook.com/” + posterfId + “/feed”

with the following ‘POST’ parameters:

  • ‘access_token’ … this is the access token you get after creating your app on facebook.

  • ‘message’ … this is what you want to appear as the status update text. Including ’
    ’ in this parameter creates a new line in the status update text.

  • ‘tags’ … this is a comma separated list of the ‘facebook ids’ of the friends you want to tag to the status update formatted like so, ‘333333333, 333353334, 334122525’

  • ‘place’ … use this ‘155021662189’ if you don’t know the ‘facebook id’ of any place.

  • ‘link’ … this is any link you want to appear just below the status update text.

  • ‘caption’ … this is the text you want to appear as the title of the link.

That’s all. I hope this information helps someone else.

Hi guy,

I’ve the same problem on my app, but I did what you say and the following error appears:

“OAuthException: (#100) Cannot specify user tags without a place tag”

But I my POST Parameters has the “place tag”, It’s this way:

$param = array(
‘picture’ => $sPicture,
‘message’ => 'tetes '.$sMessage,
‘link’ => $sLink,
‘name’ => $sName,
‘caption’ => Phpfox::getParam(‘core.path’),
‘tags’ => $iId, // My Friends Id separated by commas
‘places’ => ‘155021662189’, // The place that you said
‘description’ => Phpfox::getParam(‘core.global_site_title’)

Do you know what is wrong here?
thanks man.

A hug

Hi. In the code you pasted you used ‘places’ instead of ‘place’ … I think this should solve your problem. I couldn’t reply you yesterday because I was busy.