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Eyowo is your one stop shop for everything electronic payments. Itemized below are a list of exciting features we have made available to our users.
Ridiculously low transaction charges

We offer the lowest rates to businesses in regions where we operate. Accepting payments on your website incurs a 1% charge per transaction. Refer to our Service Fees page for more information.
Accept payments from your customers with ease. Without a website!

Using our invoicing tool, you can generate a professional invoice to send to your clients via email. Clicking on the pay button leads them to our secure web payment platform where they can pay up using any of the plethora of payment options we currently support, straight from their inbox.
Give your customers multiple options

Reach a wider audience by adding Eyowo to your website. Our payment gateway ensures your customers will always have the option of paying using any card of their choice. Eyowo is the only payment system you will ever need to integrate on your website. We’ll take care of the rest.

Is your site built on a third party shop system? We are constantly working to create ready to use plugins for popular shop systems. Refer to our Third-Party Shopping Carts page for more information.
Complete multiple payments in one fell swoop

Revolutionalize the way you make multiple payments such as employee salaries, commissions, customer rewards, etc with BulkPay. Our carefully thought out and developed bulk payment system helps you avoid the need to make such payments individually to every recipient, saving you valuable time. And money.
Setup regular payments

You can schedule recurring payments via your Eyowo account. Examples range from weekly allowances to a family member, monthly rent payments to your landlord, or even fulfillment of religious tithe obligations to your favourite church.
Pay all your bills in one place

From paying your telephone bills to renewing your cable TV subscription and everything inbetween, we make paying your utility bills a breeze, leaving you to concentrate on living the fun part of life.
Robust developer API

We love developers, and an opportunity to get creative with our platform is our gift to their kind. With the possibilities that abound using our carefully documented application programming interfaces, it’s time for your thinking cap to terminate its recess.

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