exit("2011") welcome ("2012")


Its no doubt that all of you know that 2011 is about to come to an end, which begins to question what did you achieve this year and what didn’t you.well i would like to say i spent this year reading about learning c++ than actually doing it, and som many projects that left unfinished, 2012 is another year and its my stand to change my ways(i hope). but you should know that 2012 is another year of opportunity in other words lets make projects come to life ascertain collaboration even here in codeNigeria as little as the app is, it could even be a simple notepad app at least the main point is to test collaboration no one is good on his own,certain people have ideas,others can code, others have smart Project mgt skills,with all joined we can make a vast difference we can start a group and collaborate after all Google Code exists,Guthub and what so ever.

Also if you’re like me that has been working with PHP,JS for a while am sorry to say but its a risky thing,there are so many frameworks and new languages for us to dabble and try the point is to make yourself updates, i would have died just knowing PHP but at least i know joomla,wordpress,zend and dojo. this tells a lot to people. so Merry Xmas in advance and happy coding. have fun guys and yes sorry for not neing around had Aptech exams to deal with,so Hug 5 for everyone without 14 years. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, men. What you’ve said sounds nice, but I would like to humbly point out something.
Some months ago I started a project that I wanted a few of us here at codenigeria to collaborate on. Only ONE guy(vicstar) showed some interest. So when you say peeps should come together and code something great the response may be low. I think I got meagre support cos the project wasn’t something that provided an obvious and simple money making scheme. The project had to do with writing and reading stories that can have many possibilities and hence endings.

Anyway, I created a web version of the project(the first versions were Java desktop apps) and hosted it on Google App Engine … it was free to do so, so I didn’t lose anything … http://story-tree.appspot.com is the site. Check it out. And oh, the site uses Java applets to function, so you’ll need to use a computer to view the site.


@Prometheus thanks i kinda even made so many grammatical blunders will never type an article on BB ever. i will look at it sadly am not a Java Programmer but since its web am sure the frontend is where i could look at.