Doing what a lot of others aren't

I don’t know much and haven’t coded much but all you hear programmers say is they want to build a social networking site. Just recently I heard of lagBook … that made my giggle, then pity came next(no offence intended to its creators). Nothing really bad about this except that these coders rarely have a truly unique feature in their ideas that make their ideas stand out from the crowd. You don’t hear most programmers having ideas about stuff involving areas of Artificial Intelligence like Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic or areas that really solve problems. For example google(search), yahoo(mails) etc. It may be just me, but I haven’t seen many. Why?

You must realize coders are helpers on artificial intelligence programmes. Creative genius comes up with an idea, mechanics and strategy. Coders are meant to create a platform for this ideas. I am not saying coders are not creative! it is like medical sculpture…would you expect a doctor to start modelling artificial arms and legs? So, those who came up with a lagBook does not have full ideas of what they are targeting and therefore, will take them lots of back end ideas and strategy to come up with a unique idea.

provocative thoughts! honestly our programmers need to join this talk. i think everybody is just looking for what to eat first…then deep thoughts can follow but, those days may never come, trust me.

I just checked the lagbook stuff, are u sure this guys did not just use the facebook framework. To me it looks really inferior

To me, facebook has killed any other social network, they keep developing day by day, new apps, new plans, name it… even the almighty google still cant figure out how to beat down facebook on social network yet, now tell me, if google can’t who can? why don’t guys just forget about social networks development and try out something else… to me lagbook? I’m sorry

Olawhite has a point. Coders have to explore other areas apart from social networks. I think coders like to think of social network sites cos of its relatively easy to do compared to coding new algorithms that do search better than google!

@Prometheus: google is a vast tool, one of the biggest i have ever know especially if you are a web designer…they’ve got too much to tell u, infact its a complete information bank…beating that will be a lot of task…i think we should just be thinking of something different from what others has created, not doing the same thing all the time.

@Samson: yup! That’s so right. that’s one of the reasons why some very clever folks came up with design patterns, to make programmers stop reinventing the wheel, when a more elegant and efficient solution already exists for the problem at hand.

We got problems that need to be fixed in this country.
I believe we should create solutions that will improve our lives here first rather than copy the ‘Zucks’ out there.
Identify a problem and its solution. Then think of how to sell that solution to the right folks.