Database Without A Database Server Or Connection String

Good Day Nairalanders am currently working on an invention on the .NET Framework of a database that does not require any connection string of any sort, neither does it require a database server for you to create tables and all

Instead the data is embedded and stored in the current system you are using. That means no more SQL statements, no more dependences (from .NET 2.0 above)

Am calling it intDB.NET (Internal Database for .NET). It will run on desktop and web apps (and soon for mobile)

I will like to know your thoughts on this

Thank you :)]

It’s sounds like its gonna have some security issues. You could base it on json, and store all data in json files, but again it’s likely you’ll have security problems if you use it for production.

Any reason why you want to do this? There are embedded db all over the place. Even android OS has sqlite!

it really bits me, good luck though

I’d say you are reinventing the wheel.