Dangers of Picking JS Frameworks before Learning JS.

Actually there’s no harm using a JavaScript Framework however 90% of us use Jquery or others without bothering to pick up on JavaScript/ECMA Scripting, if you are jquery user with no JavaScript Knowledge the least function you can do ends with DOM Manipulation,i suffered the same fate at first i followed the Jquery craze at first,it was fun at first but later,the thought of resuable codes came to mind and the trouble started,i had no idea how to create classes and Jquery caters mostly for DOM Operations. thus a problem emerged so i spent the 7 Months reading articles and tutorials upon JavaScript,finally i was comfortable with Classes,Prototypes,Emulating Classes and others,which is why i made my move to Dojo.why this boring speech.JavaScript is really a useful tool for creating components,a mini API Library for your Web Service or even phone applications.

From time to time expect JavaScript tips and Challenges.


Nice one. I was more into JS before switching to JQuery and that makes the drift easy. I totally agree with you post; understanding JS is important.

Hi. Could one of you guys please give me the php code for making images display on a php page? I’ve used within div elements, but that doesn’t seem to work. It worked on a pure html page, but not in my php page. A quick reply will be most appreciated. 

Are you embedding php in html or otherwise?

if otherwise, then use
<?php echo ''  ?>
I hope I understand what u mean… if not pls explain better.

@Olsylas: cant he use php include ?

First, you need to understand that a .html file can be viewed directly in your browser without a webserver.

However, for the .php file it must be run on a webserver like apache, IIS, etc.
Also, the paths to resources like css,js, image and video files can be relative to the page itself or can be the full URL of the file on the server.

So for your .php file on your webserver, you might need to use a path relative to your webroot.
E.g. if your .php file is in a folder called testApp which is inside the htdocs/wwwroot folder:
You will have

In your .php file you need to understand that the webserver will try looking for the image folder in the same folder that your .php file is in.
To make sure the webserver finds the image you should try using the full path to the image like in the above example.

Hope that makes sense to you :*

Thanks guys for all your help. My code was okay. The problem was from my browser.
Images were turned off. I never turn images off on mozilla firefox, so I don’t know how it happened. I use wamp server and so it is my default browser that it uses whenever I click ‘localhost’. Thanks again.